Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Family

Amanda and Stephen

Amanda & Stephen
Stephen is a Houston Firefighter/EMT. I'm disabled and that lets me be a full time mom, zoo keeper, brat wrangler, sock finder, referee, band-aid applier, lunch maker, janitor and pretty much the only one who knows what is going on around here.


Sidney is our oldest son. When he is not too busy become a moody teenager he loves golfing, photography, Legos, Ju Jitsu, archery and being embarrassed by his family.

Sid and Cash

Cash, is the real "character" of the group. He has been OBSESSED with SKELETONS as long as any one can remember. He is known for dressing up as a skeleton ALL YEAR ROUND. Halloween and Day of The Dead are his two favorite holidays (of course!).

We are all big animal loves! So we share our home with lots of pets!

Samson and Booga

Samson & Booga
Samson is Sid's cat and Booga is Cash's.


Lola maybe the family's dog, but she is Cash's best friend!

T Bone

He is the baby of the family


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