Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Family Room From HELL

The Family Room From HELL

We are now entering our fourth year in this home and we have still yet to complete one project. And if it's even possible, I think we may be working backwards at this point.

We already need to repaint the one room we have gotten painted and the cat has ripped up the only new piece of furniture we have ever owned.

Stephen had the idea to paint the walls an "eggshell" paint so the repairs to the sheet rock wouldn't show. This was a great idea since the foundation damage left ALLOT of repairs to be done to the walls.

And it looked wonderful... for about a week. It took no time at all for the wild animals living in the house to smug up the walls.

So now we need to repaint again. This time HIGH GLOSS. I wanna be able to wipe blood off these walls.

Another reason I think it's taking us so long to get one room done is because not everyone is always on the same page.

So that is where this post comes in.

As of right here and now, I'm making the official list of what needs (And WILL) be done to finish this room:

  • Re-Painting
Really love this idea of this paint, but not sure about the cost. The room is 14 feet x 18 feet. So that's allot of paint.
Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex

  • Floor
Clean & Buff Waxed

  • Couch
Guess we'll just kept with the one we have now. Since it's already "broke in". (Thanks Booga)
Clips for the couch

  • Curtains
We are going for a "Movie Theater" theme with the room. So these would be great! The window is 70 inches x 80 inches.
Velvet Blackout Energy Efficient Curtain Panel

  • Bar Stools
It would be so nice to finally have somewhere to sit when we eat. But the issue is getting something at a good price, that will hold up to these guys and is comfortable for me to sit in. So I thought about the bar stools when I was a waitress. Comfy and took allot of abuse night after night.
Bucket Bar Stool

Would love to be able to unpack our movies. But since there is nowhere to put them, I don't really see the point.
CD/DVD/VHS Cherry Finish Library Design Cabinet

  • TV
Since this room so much bigger than the family room at the old house, we must get a bigger tv. A 55 inch is as big as I wanna go.
It needs to be wall mounted to save space. Want to "frame" it so it will look nice. And how cool would this be!?!

  • Speakers
We need to mount ours and fix the center speaker in the tv cabinet. We are going to run the wires through the walls. I would love to run a few speakers through the house, inside and out, so I can listen to music while I clean and other junk.
These would be great for that

  • Toys
Don't think it would be such a bad idea if we got another storage shelf. I know we need allot more storage tubs.
Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit, Gray Silk

  • Velcro
Need to buy a roll so I can sew strips of it on the couch cushions and carpet. Sick of the kids messing up the couch when they flop on it. And Samson has some odd thing about one corner on the rug. He keeps pulling in up and "fighting" with it.

  • Art
We have allot of movie posters we want to frame and hang in the room. Would be really cool if the frames could some what match along with the frame around the tv.

  • Rug
While I would love a new rug, I haven't really seen one that I would like. (But I'm keeping an eye out) I do want to get some kind of padding to put under the one we have now. Just to make it a bit more "comfy". I would also like to get a play mat for the toy area. That way they will stop setting the toys on the other rug.
Maybe something like this

  • Projector
Well, this one is more of a wish than a need to do. We have been wanting one for so long. My brother got us a screen. I plan to mount it on the ceiling, above the tv. Then we can put the projector above the couch.

That's not too much to do...


Saturday, December 3, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

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