Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pulling Up Carpet

The carpet was soooo old & soooo gross:

The "Padding" was moldy & falling apart:

Now, time to pull up all the "tacks":

Stephen has had his work cut out for him in the Boy's bathroom:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Photos of Our New Home

Here it is!

Looking in from the front door:

The front room. We plan to make it the music room. With guitars, drum set and piano:

UGH, the kitchen. I'm so not lovin' it.

Living Room / Family Room:

Cash's room:

Sid's room:

And our room:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hell AKA The Boys Bathroom

So my plans for my "Princess Potty" is on hold till we can get the boys bathroom fix since it's in the worse shape.

I think something like this would be just right:

Retro Renovation

No tub, just a shower. Maybe sliding showers door to help keep the water in.

Retro Renovation

Green, Blue & White are "Manly", right?

Retro Renovation

Retro Renovation

ZOMG! Cash would love this:

How cute would a Halloween/Skeleton theme bathroom be!?!?

Maybe Black & White tile?

My Own Bathroom!

I now have my own bathroom!

For years I had to share just one bathroom with three boys. Now I have my OWN!

I have named it: The Princess Potty!

But right now, It's not living up to it's name:

Yup, that's it. Not much of a "Princess Potty".

But this is what I dream of:

Varga Photography Pink Bathroom Location

Now, that is a real Princess Potty!

My biggest dream for the Princess Potty is a "Cinderella bathtub"!

Save The Pink Bathrooms

And of course I need a dressing area. My own little space where I can be a "girl". Maybe something with cabinets like this:

Save The Pink Bathrooms

And I'm pretty sure it has to have this (whatever it is) or I will just DIED!

Save The Pink Bathrooms

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Plan

I loved my old home, I still love that house.

Tile in the kitchen, the cabinets, the windows and thick base boards.

Stephen & I both love older homes. We tried to buy an older home, but wasn't able to find one that meet our requirements. Our "New" home was built in 1963. But was remodeled in the 80's.

So we came up with the plan to try and take the home back. Back to what it might have looked liked when it was built. Or just make it the way WE would have had it look in '63.

We HATE the look of "New" wood floors. Most of them aren't really wood at all. So why not pull the floors out of an old home and reuses them? The cabinets in our new home are thin and falling down. But the ones in our old home were thick and had been hanging for over 50 years. Even Ike couldn't take them down! Every time we bump a wall in our new home it dents or makes a hole. But not the old one.

That house was over 50 years old and was still standing after Ike hit.

As the old saying goes "They just don't make them like they use to"!

So our plan is to use Architectural Salvage to rebuild and remodel every part of this home.

It's cheaper! That price is just right for us. Between Ike and buying this place we don't have much money.

It's better for the Earth. That's a pretty cool plus.

And most of all, we can make our home "ours" with little touch that are all our own.

I just hope it works!